Mental Illness: A Superpower?

I recently heard about this thing where people say you have to see mental illness as a superpower. At first, I thought that sounded really strange and I didn’t think that could have any truth to it.

I started doing some research on this whole superpower thing, and I found thousands of articles talking about the topic. Once I started reading about it, it occurred to me how beautiful this actually is.

What a lot of the articles said, was how having a mental illness gives you a better understanding of emotions. Specifically talking about BPD, it said because you experience so many emotions, and you experience them so intensely, you have a unique understanding of how any emotion feels.  Another article talked about how people with BPD almost always make an impression on other people. Because people with BPD are so scared of being alone, we always make sure everyone notices us, which they turned into this superpower.

Once I read all of this, I started thinking about other things I could come up with, which could be my superpower. The first thing that came to mind is my ability to understand others. Because I’ve gone through so many things these past years, with trying to make sense of myself and my mental illness, I can really put myself in other people’s shoes. When people tell me “I don’t know what’s wrong” I will never say “how can you not know” – cause I know that feeling of just not knowing all too well!

Another superpower I started thinking about, is my blog. Writing about personal stuff like your mental illness, and putting yourself out there has caused me a lot of anxiety. I constantly think about what other people are thinking about the content of this page and if they think it’s dumb. But that has made it my superpower. Cause it makes me strive for it to be as good as it can possibly get, and to educate people on the topic as much as I possibly can.

I can’t even begin to explain to you how happy I was when reading all of this. Living with mental illness has been so hard and so negative in many ways. You don’t really hear that many positive things about mental illness, and especially not about BPD. So finally hearing the word “superpower” made me feel calmer in a way.

Whether we like it or not, having a mental illness is a part of you. A big part, I would say. Personally, it’s something that I’ve had to learn how to live with and deal with, and it’s been hard, to say the least. In a way, knowing that something can be a positive part of you, instead of being all negative, makes it just that tiny bit easier to accept it and try to move forward.

Everyone who knows what it feels like to be angry at yourself for not being “normal”, I hope you can now think of it as “I just have a superpower”. I, for one, will try my hardest to!

8 thoughts on “Mental Illness: A Superpower?

  1. Marie

    I can empathise with this with my whole heart.
    I am almost crying reading it because it resonates so much.
    Mental illness is my superpower too. 💕

    Thank you so much for sharing. ✨✨


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