Am I healthy yet?

Man.. I’m probably the most impatient person on this planet. I always expect things to happen quickly otherwise I give up or get bored. It’s something I really need to work on!

I started my journey to a healthier life almost a month ago, and I’m not seeing any huge changes yet. In my head, I thought I would be a fitness model in a week but that didn’t happen. It’s too bad, haha. I know it’s not realistic at all, but as I said, I’m just so impatient.

As I talked about in my previous post, I’ve just had some really bad days, and on top of that I was really sick with the flu for 10 days.  It’s been extremely easy for me to just say “not today” and then eat anything I want and not go to the gym, because I was in a bad place. So actually, I’ve been making bad excuses for about half of the time I’ve been trying to get healthier.

I got really discouraged the other day and thought to myself “what does it even matter”. I img_7254was just sitting in my bed, eating chips, and thinking how it was stupid to even try since I would never succeed. I wasn’t good enough to be doing something like this, or strong enough to follow through. But you know what? I AM!

I’m feeling a bit better these days, and I’m starting to see that I can do it! I just need to get back into my routine. Not being able to really do anything for 10 days got me completely out of the routine I had, so I’m thinking that’s what made me feel so discouraged. I also think that is what made me feel so down. Not really having anything to look forward to, or being able to work towards my goals. But now I’m not sick anymore, and I have the drive to get back into what I was doing.

So to give you guys a little update: I lost 4 pounds! But I’m pretty sure that came from the flu and not from me doing good, haha. I will continue to keep you guys posted on my journey to a healthier life, and hopefully, I will see some more progress soon, so I can keep up my drive to get healthier and more comfortable in my own body!




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