Changes are coming!


I need to make some changes! And I need to make them now! As some of you may know, I’m always trying to find new ways of dealing with my mental health, and I again found myself getting some new ideas. It’s all part of my way to recovery, and I love sharing these ideas with you.

I’m doing a lot of exercise and I changed my diet, which I’m finding extremely helpful. My mood is better, I have more energy, and I’m just feeling stronger in general. Even though this is helping me a lot, I also need to do some actual mental changes. So here are the two new things I’m gonna start trying:

1. I’m going to start meditating! I’ve tried it before, but I’m the absolute worst when it comes to sticking to something. As I’ve mentioned before, I have no patience.. BUT! I need to try to meditate more than one day! I actually made a deal with my lovely boyfriend, where we have to remind each other to do it, and tell each other when it’s done. That way I can hopefully stick to it, haha.

So, why did I decide I wanted to start meditating? Well, it was actually because of you, my awesome followers! A lot of you have messaged me, and commented on Instagram telling me how helpful meditating is. Honestly, I always thought of meditating as something that was a bit too out-there for me, but after you guys kept telling me and I researched it, I liked the idea. It seems like it’s something that could help me, so why not try it?

I’m going to be using the app “Headspace” and I will be doing it everyday. I will keep you posted on how it’s going both on the blog and on Instagram, and hopefully I will get it together and stick with it!

2. I’m going to say positive things to myself. This is one of the things I really struggle with and also something I’m really scared of doing. I have always struggled with my self esteem, and I’m the master of telling myself negative things. I kind of always had the idea that if I said bad things about myself and to myself, I wouldn’t get hurt if others did. I was also hoping that others would try to say nice things about me, if I only said the bad things, cause then I would get some kind of approval.

But no more! I’m going to try to stand in front of my mirror every morning, and say positive things. I’m going to look myself in the eyes and say “you are enough, you are strong and you are beautiful!”. My hope is to actually believe these things, if I keep saying them. And hopefully, that will change my overall view on myself just a little bit.

It’s going to be really hard, but I’m determinded to start doing it! I’ll keep you posted on how this little experiment is going too!

I realise these two little things might not be able to help me recover completely, but I do believe they can help me get much closer! I’m trying hard to change my way of thinking so I can support myself in getting better, cause I actually feel like I’m sometimes holding myself back from recovery. When I’m in my bad phases, I just constantly reasure myself I won’t make it, and that means my recovery gets “pushed back”. So if I can change my way of thinking, I can hopefully tell myself these things when I think I’m not worthy of recovery!

Do you guys have other ways of dealing with your thoughts? I’m always open for new ideas! So let me know 🙂

And remember: you are Non Solum!

One thought on “Changes are coming!

  1. Carl morris

    Those look like good recommendations. Myself, I’m a veteran of the Vietnam war. Have PTSD, agent Orange and a few other issues that impact me. There have been two major activities that help me to leave that world and enter another of mental peace and enjoyment. One is learning how to fly fish, the second is scuba diving. Here is the reasoning behind each. Fly fishing: the goal is to put the fly in front of the fish. Unlike use of a rod and reel where you sit and wait on the fish, you are in the waters actively looking where the are. You are deciding which fly to use, you try and perfect your casting skills and then the excitement of hooking one landing it taking a photo shot of it then releasing it. With all of concentration that’s needed to focus on each task there is absolutely no time to think about n stew on all the issues your mind true to force on you. Same w scuba diving. Easy to learn you work with a buddy the training is incremental and you are tested on learning to do it correctly. But when you do your first open water dive and you go deeper than 10′, 20′, even 70′ you will be struck with wonder at the entirely different world that has opened up to you. With all of that going on staying focused on diving skills, the AMAZING world of all varieties of life that you are a participate in it can’t help but crowd out the constant bombardment from the negative world of our mind. It helps me immensely. I hope you can make these happen.. I’d be glad to help to locate how and who you can get information on to research it. Text me or email however I can assist to play new music in your mind and soul. Wish you the best. CJ Morris

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