Hi friends! Thanks for being here! I’m Christine, a 24-year-old Danish girl with a love of writing. I decided to make this blog after dealing with mental illness for years. I have the diagnosis Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and I want to share my thoughts with you. Both the good ones and the bad ones!

You’re probably thinking “what’s up with the name?” And I’ll tell you! “Non Solum” means “not alone” in Latin, and that’s exactly what I want to show you – that you’re not alone! We are so many people dealing with mental illness and it’s okay for us to speak up.

My goal for this blog, is to hopefully break the stigma of mental illness, and to inspire other people, who are struggling, to speak up. But it’s also my way of letting people who don’t understand mental illness in on what actually happens inside our minds.

That way, I’m hoping we can all speak openly about whatever goes on in our minds ❤️

I’m always open for a talk or to listen to your stories! So if you need someone to talk to, head over to the contact page ❤️